Progressive Overload: What You Need to Know

Progressive Overload- the most important law of strength training! If you’ve been an athlete or have been training for awhile, then you have probably heard of the term before. If you are new to strength training, progressive overload simply means that you are doing more over time. It’s more than just putting more weight on the bar each session. These are the main ways to … Continue reading Progressive Overload: What You Need to Know

Will Putting Your Hands on Your Head Actually Help You Recover?

We all remember at some point in our lives having a coach or trainer tell us to “get your hands off your knees” when we are bent over gasping for air. They probably told you to stand up and put your hands on top of your head so you can open up your lungs and allow more oxygen in. It most likely sounded reasonable to … Continue reading Will Putting Your Hands on Your Head Actually Help You Recover?

The Fundamentals of Movement

Movement Patterns are essentially a way to classify exercises. When Strength and Conditioning coaches are working with athletes, it should be a top priority to establish what movement patterns are crucial to the success of that specific athlete. For example, a rowing athlete performs horizontal pulling throughout the entire duration of the sport, so we definitely need to strengthen that movement and make it more … Continue reading The Fundamentals of Movement

You’re in Quarantine, Now Go Sprint!

If you’re reading this, you are probably stuck at home being quarantined with no place to go because everything is on lock down. I’m writing this article today with the sole purpose of giving you an idea of a type of training that you can do at anytime and any place because I don’t want to hear anyone else complain about not being able to … Continue reading You’re in Quarantine, Now Go Sprint!

The 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System!

In times like these it becomes even more important to have a strong and resilient immune system. Your immune system reduces your chance of viral infection and flu-like illnesses. Ever known someone who seems to never get sick? Well, they probably crush these three factors! Go Exercise! Physical activity can help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. Exercise causes a change in white … Continue reading The 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System!

Ankle Sprains: How to Heal, Strengthen and Prevent Them

Ankle Sprains, the bane of all athletes, if you get one of these you can be out of competition for up to 4- 6 weeks. At worst you can be out for 3-6 months when fractures or breaks occur. The Best Way to Recover The road to recovery starts with RICE. Not the rice you eat mind you, but the acronym for it. RICE stands … Continue reading Ankle Sprains: How to Heal, Strengthen and Prevent Them

Top 10 “Superfoods” for Athletes

If you consider yourself a “serious athlete” and are looking for the best way to get you to that next level of performance, then this list is made for you. I consider “athletes” to be anybody that is training toward a goal. Whether you are a high school kid just trying to make the varsity team, a high-end division 1 collegiate athlete or even a … Continue reading Top 10 “Superfoods” for Athletes

Get Hydrated!

We’re all aware of how important proper hydration is to our performance as athletes and also our daily lives. However, most people do not consider how important water is for our heart. Our hearts won’t have to work as hard if we are well hydrated and will therefore improve our heart health! By staying hydrated, it becomes easier for our heart to pump blood through … Continue reading Get Hydrated!