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What Young Athletes DON’T Need

Disclaimer: This article is specifically designed for athletes between 8-13 years old. Although, most of these apply to all athletes. 1. Early Specialization This is one of the most popular topics out there when it comes to youth athletes. We don’t need athletes specializing in one sport from an early age. Let the kids have […]

Advice to New Runners

Within the last year or so, the amount of people beginning on their Running journey has skyrocketed. Toward the early stages of Covid-19 in 2020, when everything began to close down and we were all put into quarantine, running became one of the few modes of exercise to choose from. Since then, the amount of […]

5 Speed Tips for Young Athletes

Speed is a gamechanger. No matter the age or sport, faster athletes can affect the outcome of any game. If you build a solid foundation for your technique at a young age, you will be able to continuously improve your speed and significantly reduce the chance of an injury. In my own experience, I have […]

Youth Strength Training

Youth strength training is a topic that has been discussed since what feels like the beginning of time. This is a topic of interest for many researchers, clinicians, coaches and parents. The questions that come to mind when thinking about this topic are: When to start? How much is enough? How often? Will it stunt […]

7 Goals of a Strength and Conditioning Program

This is a short and brief list of goals that I believe any Strength and Conditioning Program should have. This was put together to help educate sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers or anyone else who works directly with athletes. They are not in any specific order, but all are incredibly important for […]

Progressive Overload: What You Need to Know

Progressive Overload- the most important law of strength training! If you’ve been an athlete or have been training for awhile, then you have probably heard of the term before. If you are new to strength training, progressive overload simply means that you are doing more over time. It’s more than just putting more weight on […]

Intermittent Fasting

One of the hottest topics around right now is Intermittent Fasting. I have seen a lot of controversy and false information out there, so hopefully I can clear some of that up for you. What is it? To sum it up, intermittent fasting is a period of time that you do not consume any calories. […]

The Fundamentals of Movement

Movement Patterns are essentially a way to classify exercises. When Strength and Conditioning coaches are working with athletes, it should be a top priority to establish what movement patterns are crucial to the success of that specific athlete. For example, a rowing athlete performs horizontal pulling throughout the entire duration of the sport, so we […]

Extensive vs. Intensive Training

One way to think about training is to put it onto a spectrum. On the right side of the spectrum, you have intensive training and on the left side you have extensive training. In an ideal world, athletes should train both ends of the spectrum and have a good balance of both ends. At different […]

You’re in Quarantine, Now Go Sprint!

If you’re reading this, you are probably stuck at home being quarantined with no place to go because everything is on lock down. I’m writing this article today with the sole purpose of giving you an idea of a type of training that you can do at anytime and any place because I don’t want […]

The 3 Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System!

In times like these it becomes even more important to have a strong and resilient immune system. Your immune system reduces your chance of viral infection and flu-like illnesses. Ever known someone who seems to never get sick? Well, they probably crush these three factors! Go Exercise! Physical activity can help flush bacteria out of […]

Ankle Sprains: How to Heal, Strengthen and Prevent Them

Ankle Sprains, the bane of all athletes, if you get one of these you can be out of competition for up to 4- 6 weeks. At worst you can be out for 3-6 months when fractures or breaks occur. The Best Way to Recover The road to recovery starts with RICE. Not the rice you […]

Top 10 “Superfoods” for Athletes

If you consider yourself a “serious athlete” and are looking for the best way to get you to that next level of performance, then this list is made for you. I consider “athletes” to be anybody that is training toward a goal. Whether you are a high school kid just trying to make the varsity […]

Get Hydrated!

We’re all aware of how important proper hydration is to our performance as athletes and also our daily lives. However, most people do not consider how important water is for our heart. Our hearts won’t have to work as hard if we are well hydrated and will therefore improve our heart health! By staying hydrated, […]


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